Due diligence tailored to your business needs

While globalization creates opportunities for firms and workers, risks for violations of human rights and for environmental harms persist across global supply chains. Due diligence allows you to understand and mitigate these risks.


1 How does it work?

This toolbox consists of a self-assessment and an online manual. The self-assessment allows you to assess to what extent you are exposed to (legal, commercial, ...) expectations to carry out due diligence. The online manual allows you to respond to these expectations.

2 Why?

  • Because all companies, including SMEs, may be linked with risks for human rights and the environment;
  • Because pressures to act responsibly are increasing;
  • Because risks you create for others may become a risk to your company;
  • Because due diligence comes with strategic and commercial opportunities

3 What happens to my data?

We do not ask nor store personal data. We only ask you to provide some general characteristics of your company as part of the self-assessment. This information can be used for research purposes, but cannot, in any way, be traced back to you as a company.

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About this toolbox

This toolbox was commissioned by the Belgian Federal Institute for Sustainable Development (FIDO-IFDD), and was developed by HIVA-KU Leuven, with support from Statik, Adelphi and The Shift.